A Good Companion To The Cold To Take Stock Of Technology Progress Under The Black Feather Technology

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Down jacket is a good companion in winter warm cold, but with the development of science and technology down jacket in addition to warm fashion, but also can inhibit bacteria, anti-ultraviolet, autonomous breathing and waterproof functions and so on! Below to take you to see what black technology on the down jacket!

Light and heat technology: the sun and the body can be distributed heat storage and beyond the infrared way to return to the body to enhance thermal insulation, wearing more warm and dry, more comfortable, at the same time on both sides of the armpit design breathable holes, so that excess heat dissipation effectively.

Intelligent Drying: Every time we clean down the down jacket will go to dry is a very troublesome thing, the configuration of scientific and technological sense of the down jacket has three hot areas, direct use of the built-in heating system drying, less than half an hour can immediately wear out of the house, is definitely the best partner for commuters in winter.

Slim style: Fashion talent hates to wear a thick down jacket in cold winter, this looks very bloated also is not beautiful, many manufacturers are involved in the field of frivolous, claiming that the lightest weight of only 140g, warm strength of the precious feather and the use of the naked eye can not see the special fabric woven into a very light mystery, It's almost impossible to feel the weight on your body.

Adaptable: Seamless laminating technology instead of traditional stitching will be down zoning, effectively reduce the table cloth pinhole, thereby reducing the overflow, enhance windproof performance. If there is water droplets on its surface, you can quickly dial away to reduce infiltration wetting. High-quality duvet with long-lasting waterproof moisture, high volume of fluffy no matter at any time can quickly restore the warmth.

Safety and environmental protection: safe consumption and low carbon environmental protection has become a new trend of the development of down jacket, such as ecological bacteriostatic technology, Anti-ultraviolet technology in the application of down products, can maintain the original performance unchanged on the basis of increasing anti-bacterial antibacterial and other functions.

Scientific and technological innovation will directly determine the competitiveness and vitality of enterprises in the market economy, we also hope that the level of Chinese feather industry to further improve, to provide consumers with more healthy and comfortable enjoyment, improve our quality of life!

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