China's Outdoor Products Market Slows But Market Potential Remains Huge

- Sep 12, 2017 -

February 17, 2017, the China Textile Business Association Outdoor Supplies Branch (COCA) in Beijing released the "2016 China outdoor Products market research report." The report shows that despite the rapid development of outdoor sports, but because of the decline of the physical retail industry, the whole industry growth slowed, competition intensified, but also faced with the transformation of consumption, the major opportunity for industrial upgrading.

"Now, perhaps the best time to do the brand", in the past few years after the market turmoil and slow growth, the backbone of the industry seems to find their own advantages and disadvantages, but also in the fierce market competition to find a way to upgrade themselves. "To be positive, this slowdown gives us more opportunity to rethink and adjust, while also allowing us to see ourselves, improve ourselves, and take a longer-term view of corporate strategy." Although the reality is not optimistic, but clearly, the industry-wide self-confidence is obviously enhanced, more optimistic about the prospects.

As we all know, in the past 10 years, outdoor sports are gradually recognized and accepted by the people. In particular in recent years, in the national fitness craze, the success of the Olympic Games bid and the country to support the ice and snow movement in the background, the number of participants in the outdoor movement has increased steadily, from the initial minority participation in the small public sports development into a wide range of sports, outdoor lifestyle has become one of the

As a result, China's outdoor products industry has been rapidly growing, because of the small base of the initial period, the industry maintained a two-digit annual growth rate of more than 10 years, from less than 100 million of the scale rapidly expanded to 20 billion. People can buy high-end outdoor brands all over the world from department stores. At the same time can also be in the professional outdoor shop to buy the most professional, quality through the market inspection products, but also in the days of the cat and Beijing-East electric business platform to buy daily can wear the shoes clothing products, but also to find a wide range of brands of equipment.

In recent years, with the overall slowdown in China's retail market, coupled with intensified competition in the industry, more and more sports, fashion and leisure brand also in the introduction of external products, coupled with the increasing operating costs, China's outdoor products market growth has slowed.

2016, the total retail sales of China's outdoor products market totalled about 23.28 billion yuan (RMB), up 4.91% from a year earlier, with a wholesale total of 13.11 billion yuan, up 6.53% year-on-year. According to statistics, in the Chinese market sales of 975 brands, of which nearly half of the brand from abroad. Sales of billions of brands 22, occupy the market 57% share. The number of sales terminals exceeds 10,000. The number of outdoor physical shops has been reduced as a result of the closing up of department stores and the increase in the rents of street shops. The overall profit space of the industry has certainly slipped. Traditional outdoor footwear is growing slowly, and more functional clothing, professional equipment has been faster growth. Part of the category growth rate of more than 30%.

Overall, despite the slowdown in industry growth, the next two years will continue to increase the likelihood of single-digit growth, but the overall industry in the last two years of the slowdown, gradually out of confusion, the whole industry positive innovation, hard work, whether from product upgrades or channel innovation, can see positive changes.

At present, China's per capita consumption of outdoor supplies less than 1/4 of the European and American markets, China's outdoor market has just passed the introduction period, began to enter the growth period, far from reaching maturity. There is still huge market potential to tap. Research shows that nearly half of 2017 companies will continue to increase investment and expansion. With the industry-wide adjustment and transformation, the retail environment continues to improve, in the consumption upgrade, the number of outdoor participants and the Winter Olympics, driven by the three positive factors, the next 3-5 years, the whole industry or can enter the next healthier, more balanced period of continuous growth.

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