Outdoor Functional Sportswear Fabrics

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Outdoor sports a wide range of types, but professional outdoor sports clothing such as charge is mainly for mountaineering, skiing and other Alpine sports. Outdoor Sports In addition to the participants' own physical and technical requirements, but also need outdoor clothing can adapt to bad weather and complex geographical environment, to protect the physical safety of sports. Outdoor sportswear and Home clothing although there is no essential difference, but due to the outdoor and movement of these two characteristics, the requirements of the clothing is relatively strict and harsh outdoor sports heat, sweat evaporation, demand clothing cooling and breathable performance of a good field unavoidably encounter rain and snow fog, Clothing must have a certain waterproof performance outdoor sports hope to minimize weight loss, clothing to be as light as possible outdoor wind, alpine cold, windproof thermal performance requirements on the high outdoor washing conditions are limited, clothing anti-bacterial deodorant and stain resistance requirements high field work climbing through the forest, clothing requirements have a good tensile and tear resistance ... These performance requirements are very stringent from the textile technology point of view, and even many indicators are contradictory. Any single natural or chemical fiber can not meet these requirements, only through the combination of a variety of fibers and a variety of chemical finishing to achieve these functions as far as possible.

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